Broger’s End

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Broger’s End

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A Little Background

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Broger’s End


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The river you would have crossed to get here is great for swimming! The best place is probably in line with the shed but feel free to go exploring for other spots! Be very cautious when swimming in a river as submerged rocks, trunks and logs can be very hard to see.

You can also find some great fresh water spots in the valley. Try under Hampden Bridge (the big sandstone bridge on the way to the village), or Flat Rock (a short drive by 4WD or adventurous car only).

Directions: Drive out and over the bridge.Turn right onto Upper Kangaroo Valley Rd and keep driving until the road ends and you should be able to see a clearing on your right – that is Flat Rock.

The Creek
Meet the owners


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We are a Sydney couple with four kids and day jobs, why would we spend so much energy on such a massive project? We believe that climate change and our current lifestyle is not sustainable and we hope to provide an opportunity for inspiration and transformation as well as relaxation. Sarah is from Canada, and her father was before his time in teaching his three daughters about nature, camping and canoeing, not to mention wholemeal bread and muesli, before it was fashionable! Despite having spent most of her life in the city, Sarah is most at home in the bush and on the farm, growing stuff, regenerating the forest and swimming in the river! This farm is a tribute to all her family, especially her Dad.

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leave the city stresses behind

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Broger’s End was one of the original large dairy farms in Kangaroo Valley. The milking shed, which is probably over 70 years old, has been lovingly restored and is now a luxurious haven for a peaceful escape from the everyday world! The three sets of French doors, which used to allow three cows in to be milked at once, now allow the living area to be opened to the alfresco dining area which is covered by an old wisteria vine.
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