I’m not ready yet!

Synonymous with the cooler months and warming comfort food, parsnips offer a sweet and earthy flavour. Roasting parsnips enhances their natural sweetness, making them the perfect side dish for almost any main meal. When mashed, parsnips offer an alternative to potatoes with a unique taste that pairs well with rich and gamey meats. They can be used creatively when thinly sliced as a lower-carb alternative to fries. The earthiness of parsnips makes them perfect for stews and casseroles to keep you warm and comforted during even the coldest of seasons.

To pick:

Like other root vegetables, slightly yellowed leaves are a trustworthy indicator that parsnips are ready to harvest. It is best to gently dig them up, as alternative methods such as pulling can damage the veg. Begin by unearthing the parsnips and loosening the soil with your hands. Gently ease and lift up the roots, being careful not to snap them as you go.


I took a minimum of 120 days to be ready for harvest!

Please be mindful that this garden is a shared space.

Kindly only pick what you will consume at the time of harvest.