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Eggplant is a star ingredient in many Meditterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Known for its smoky and rich flavour, eggplant can be prepared in numerous ways from grilling and roasting. As a standalone ingredient, it can be transformed into baba ghanoush perfect for dipping flatbreads, or even eggplant parmigiana. Eggplant shines in curries, pasta dishes, moussaka – the list is endless!

To pick:

Eggplant is ready to pick when it reaches a mature size and has a glossy appearance. To harvest, use a sharp knife or set of pruners to cut the vegetable from the plant, leaving a short stem attached.

I took a minimum of 60 days to be ready for harvest!

Please be mindful that this garden is a shared space.

Kindly only pick what you will consume at the time of harvest.