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Known for their vibrancy, chillies are used around the world to add heat, spice, and depth of flavour to dishes. The culinary possibilities are endless, ranging from curries, salsas, marinades, stir-fries and sauces. The intensity of chillies can be adjusted by retaining or removing the seeds, allowing you to enjoy their characteristic heat according to personal preference.

To pick:

Look for chillies that are firm and glossy. When it comes to colour, all chillies grow from a green into various hues of orange, yellow and red. Whilst you can snap chilllies from the stem of the plant, we discourage this as it can damage the plant and encourage rot. Instead, use a pair of pruners or secateurs to easily cut off the chilli leaving around 2 to 3cm of stem. Ensure you are regularly harvesting chillies from the plant, as this helps to minimise stress and maximise the yield!

I took a minimum of 75 days to be ready for harvest!

Please be mindful that this garden is a shared space.

Kindly only pick what you will consume at the time of harvest.