The Shed

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This is a converted farm shed, which has been lovingly and creatively transformed using recycled and reclaimed materials, including beautiful old windows and doors. There are three bedrooms which can have two single beds in each, and two of these can be seamlessly converted to king size beds.

A very large living area has a wood fire, dining space, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor entertaining/dining space, pizza oven and BBQ.

It is set amongst permaculture gardens, on a 160 acre working farm with walking tracks to explore and admire breathtaking views of the Kangaroo Valley.

Broger’s End is set on the Kangaroo River – perfect for swimming or relaxing by.

An absolute haven for friends, families and the beloved pooch if you like. The accommodation attaches to an open plan bay with pool table and extra beds can be set up. The fire is double sided so warms up both the living area and the open bay,

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
Shower & tub Linen & towels
Full size kitchen Oven
Microwave Full sized fridge
Outdoor gas hob Outdoor pizza oven
Espresso machine Coffee beans
Free wireless internet Local & emergency calls included

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leave the city stresses behind

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Broger’s End was one of the original large dairy farms in Kangaroo Valley. The milking shed, which is probably over 70 years old, has been lovingly restored and is now a luxurious haven for a peaceful escape from the everyday world! The three sets of French doors, which used to allow three cows in to be milked at once, now allow the living area to be opened to the alfresco dining area which is covered by an old wisteria vine.
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