Broger’s End Kangaroo Valley

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Kangaroo Valley

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We’d like to introduce you to the area

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Kangaroo Valley Town

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A great little village to visit with antiques shops, art galleries, gourmet local produce and restaurants. Looking for a friendly spot to visit on a sunny afternoon? Head to the Friendly Inn – it has a pet friendly beer garden. Bistro One46 is a lovely option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you’re looking for a more active holiday, there’s no shortage of activities available in Kangaroo Valley

Activity Services
  • Kangaroo Valley Golf Club – A Jack Newton -designed 18 hole golf course
  • Kangaroo Valley Kayaks – Canoe and kayak hires
  • Kangaroo Valley Rural Supplies – Fishing, golf, and tennis equipment
  • Kangaroo Valley Trail Ride – Horse riding, guided bushwalks, and eco tours

Kangaroo Valley Roadhouse & Friendly Grocer
Ampol fuel service station , LP Gas and full ‘Friendly Grocer’ supermarket.
The best fresh fruit, meat and grocery choice.
Open seven days a week from 6am to 8pm
32 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley
(02) 4465 1986

Nowra (40 minute drive) has woolworths and can cater for all your other needs.

Babysitting – Daisycare Nanny Agency
Email: / 0412 138755

Kangaroo Valley Vet Clinic
Over 30 years experience in Kangaroo Valley
162 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley
(02) 4464-1899

Kangaroo Valley Village Markets
Held on the 2nd Saturday every month 8.30am-2.30pm with proceeds going towards the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival.

Osborne Park (Showground) Kangaroo Valley
Phone: (02) 4421 5887

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Kangaroo Valley
Berry, NSW


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The town of Berry is one of those rare finds.  Set amongst rolling green hills
with the Cambewarra range providing a stunning backdrop, the landscape is unparalleled in NSW.

Berry is the first truly rural town renown for its bucolic pastoral setting but now it is the shopping and the cafes which set it apart. As soon as you cross the bridge and glimpse the gorgeous rotunda set amongst trees in beautiful Apex Park you know this is a special place.

You can’t go wrong with plenty of lovely restaurants and cafes to choose from. As well as great shopping.  Our favourites are Haven & Space, Moss Nest and Roots and Wings Design for shopping and the Donut Van for a cheeky and delicious bite.


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With its rainforest gullies, wildflowers, colourful parrots and rosellas, and many other native animals, Morton National Park is the main attraction at Fitzroy Falls. The boardwalk along the creek, through restored native bushland, takes you to a lookout at the top of the Falls (about 100 m).

There are well cut paths and easy stairways, resting places and signs strategically placed to identify native fauna and flora. Go bushwalking along the escarpment – the nearest trail is a 1.6-km round trip to a lookout where you’ll see the full glory of the falls.

Fitzroy Falls
Jervis Bay


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Jervis Bay is approx 45 minutes away and the coastline is truly beautiful. Theclear waters of the bay offer ideal family fun; most beaches are protected from swell and waves, although big southerlies can kick up a groundswell on the more exposed beaches. Mornings are best, before the nor’easter kicks in, although if you rent a boat you can find a protected beach on the northern side of the bay and stay out for the entire day. The same applies when a southerly is blowing – head over to beaches such as Scottish Rocks, Hole in the Wall or Greenpatch to find complete protection. The most popular beaches are Moona Moona Creek (great for little kids), Blenheim and Greenfields at Vincentia, Sailors and Shark Net at Huskisson, Hyams and Chinamans at Hyams Beach, Greenpatch and Murrays Beach on the south side and Target and Long Beach to the north.

Good snorkeling is on offer around the rocky points that separate many of the beaches. You’ll spot blue groper, bream, blackfish, wrasse and harmless Port Jackson sharks. Because it’s protected from all but the biggest swells, surfing is fairly limited in the actual bay. Head to Gerroa (further north) if you’re a keen surfer.


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The river you would have crossed to get here is great for swimming! The best place is probably in line with the shed but feel free to go exploring for other spots! Be very cautious when swimming in a river as submerged rocks, trunks and logs can be very hard to see.

You can also find some great fresh water spots in the valley. Try under Hampden Bridge (the big sandstone bridge on the way to the village), or Flat Rock (a short drive by 4WD or adventurous car only).

Directions: Drive out and over the bridge.Turn right onto Upper Kangaroo Valley Rd and keep driving until the road ends and you should be able to see a clearing on your right – that is Flat Rock.

The Creek
Kangaroo Valley


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Yarrawa Estate is a great winery and famous for its dry red wine. It’s further up Upper River Road and then turn left on Scotts Road.

Two Figs Winery is one of our favourites. It has seating outside so you can take some lunch, buy a bottle of wine and sit out and enjoy the view.

Silos Estate near Berry is one of the older wineries with history back to 1870. Silos Estate has been producing a range of premium wines that emphasise the unique characteristics of the Shoalhaven region

Mountain Ridge Wines is located 8km east of historical Berry perched up on a ridge of Coolangatta Mountain, with 360° majestic views to Berry, Saddleback and Cambewarra Mountains, and east to the Shoalhaven River and ocean. Mountain Ridge Wines is set on a 75 acre working farm which produces beef, macadamia nuts, limes and free range eggs.

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leave the city stresses behind

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Broger’s End was one of the original large dairy farms in Kangaroo Valley. The milking shed, which is probably over 70 years old, has been lovingly restored and is now a luxurious haven for a peaceful escape from the everyday world! The three sets of French doors, which used to allow three cows in to be milked at once, now allow the living area to be opened to the alfresco dining area which is covered by an old wisteria vine.
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